科技城外商投资政策合集 Foreign Investment Policy


Foreign Investment Policy


Sanya Yazhou Bay Sci-tech City Administration

一. 海南省/自贸港政策

Policies of Hainan Province/Free Trade Port


The corporate income tax is set at 15%

2. 企业进口自用生产设备、进口营运用交通工具、进口生产原辅料免征关税、进口环节增值税和消费税;

Enterprises importing production equipment for their own use, importing means of transportation for operation, importing raw and auxiliary materials for production are exempted from import duty, import value-added tax and consumption tax;

3. 对原产于海南或含进口料件加工增值超过30%的货物进入内地免征进口关税;

Goods that originate from Hainan or that contain imported materials but meet the 30% value-added threshold are exempted from import tariffs when entering the Mainland of China;

4. 旅游业、现代服务业、高新技术产业企业2025年前新增境外直接投资所得免征企业所得税(自贸港独有);

Tourism, modern service and high-tech enterprises are exempted corporate income tax on income generated by new overseas direct investment before 2025 (only offered by the free trade port);

5. 企业资本性支出可一次性税前扣除或加速折旧日和摊销;

One-off pre-tax deduction or accelerated depreciation and amortization are allowed for enterprises` capital expenditures;

6. 实行海南自由贸易港外商投资准入负面清单;

A negative list will be adopted for foreign investment access to Hainan Free Trade Port;

7. 立足自由贸易港建设实际制定法规;

Laws and regulations should be formulated based on the actual construction situation of the free trade port;

8. 对境外世界500强企业在海南设立一级、二级子公司的,一次性分别给予2000万、1500万奖励;

Overseas Global Fortune 500 companies that set up first-tiered and second-tiered subsidiaries in Hainan will be given a one-off reward of RMB 20 million and 15 million respectively;

9. 对完成股份制改革的海南外资企业进行一次性 50万补贴。在境内外资本市场挂牌的外资企业给予一次性150万奖励。对上市的外资企业迁入海南给予一次性100万奖励;

Hainan-based foreign-funded enterprises that complete the shareholding system reform will be given a one-off reward of RMB 500,000. A one-off reward of RMB 1.5 million will be given to foreign-funded enterprises for getting listed in domestic and foreign capital markets, and a one-off reward of RMB 1 million will be given to listed foreign-funded enterprises for relocating to Hainan;

10. 对在境内外资本市场成功发行债券融资的外资企业,按融资金额给予最高2000万贴息,贴息期限不超过3年;

Foreign-funded enterprises that successfully issue bonds in the domestic and foreign capital markets will be entitled to a loan interest discount, which will be capped at RMB 20 million a year, depending on the financing amount, and will last no more than three years;

11. 对合格境外有限合伙人QFLP(Qualified Foreign Limited Partner)基金在免联审机制、零注册门槛、七不得经营范围、内外资QFLP管理要求一致、多级政策优惠上给予支持;

QFLP (Qualified Foreign Limited Partner) funds will be entitled to such support as exemption from joint examination, no minimum entry threshold, the negative list management of investments, no differential treatment for domestic and foreign capital,and many other preferential policies;

12. 对合格境内有限合伙人QDLP(Qualified Dome stic Limited Partner)企业注册资本门槛低、境外投资范围广、投资额度无限制、对外投资额度更灵活等方面给予优惠政策支持;

QDLP(Qualified Domestic Limited Partner) funds will be entitled to such support as low entry threshold, wider range of overseas investment, unlimited investment limit, more flexible overseas investment limit, and many other preferential policies;

二. 三亚市政策

Policies of YZBSTC


Support to the first (set of) major technical equipment. To eligible enterprises that have manufactured and sold the first (set of) major technical equipment, a reward worth 30% of the sales price will be given, with the reward capped at RMB 10 million;

2. 现代服务业企业经营奖励。对满足认定条件的企业,按其对三亚崖州湾科技城财政贡献的20%给予一次性奖励,每家企业奖励最高不超过 100万元;

Reward for the operation of modern service enterprises. Eligible enterprises will be rewarded 20% of their tax contribution to SYBSTC on a lump-sum basis, with the

reward capped at RMB 1 million for each enterprise;

3. 创新创业大赛获奖奖励。对满足认定条件的企业在三亚崖州湾科技城管理局认可的国家级创新创业大赛中获一、二、三等奖的,分别给予300万、200万、100万一次性奖励;

Reward to prize winners of innovation and entrepreneurship competitions. To eligible enterprises that win the first, second and third prize of national-level innovation and entrepreneurship competitions recognized by the Administrative Bureau of SYBSTC, a one-off reward of RMB 3 million, 2 million and 1 million will be given respectively;

4. 按3600元/人/年对科技城内的企业实质经营办公场所进行补贴,发放3年;

Enterprises with leased offices and substantive operations in SYBSTC will receive a subsidy of RMB 3,600/ employee/ year that lasts for three years;


Enterprises are entitled to a 50% interest discount in line with their loan interest, with the discount capped at RMB 100,000 and lasting no more than three years;


Within four years since entry into SYBSTC, an enterprise is entitled to a one-off reward of RMB 500,000 if its operating revenue exceeds RMB 20 million in a single year;


The research equipment purchased by an enterprise on its own and connected to the large instrument sharing platform system of SYBSTC is, within the depreciation period of the equipment, entitled to a subsidy of 20% of the annual depreciated expense in each of the first three years, with the subsidy capped at RMB 100,000 per year;


An employer that attracts talents to register locally and work on a full-time basis will be given a talent attraction reward capped at RMB 20,000;


An employer that provides a job to the spouse of a talent will be given a one-off reward of RMB 10,000;